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Welcome to Realising Rights

 RealisingRights aims to make Human Rights real for everyone. 

RealisingRights: our aim is to make Human Rights real for everyone.

Human Rights underpin our democracy and our liberties. However what Human Rights are and how they make a difference is poorly understood. If most of us, including politicians and media workers, do not know what Human Rights are it makes it harder to know how to respect them and defend them – for ourselves and for each other. Human Rights in the UK and around the world are under threat. RealisingRights exists to help turn the tide and create a Human Rights-smart society; one that is fair, inclusive and sustainable.

RealisingRights supports the Campaign for Human Rights Education for All (HRE4ALL) This is a coalition of organisations committed to securing the right tor everyone to learn what their Human Rights are and how to put them into practice. In 2010, the United Nations agreed that everyone has this right.

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RealisingRights offers bespoke courses and workshops to show how using principles and values based upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights can make a positive difference to the lives of adults and children. Schools, colleges, businesses, voluntary groups and charities work better when their members share and respect Human Rights values.

How can we help?
Contact us to have a conversation about what you are looking for and how we might contribute. This could well involve considering a change of organisation culture. As Peter Drucker once said  "Culture eats strategy for breakfast."