The Human Rights Act under Threat

The Human Rights Act under Threat

Realising Rights will defend the Human Rights Act but we think that you have to understand what Human Rights are and why it's important to defend them. If you don't understand them and how they protect you, the individual and how they can promote a fairer and socially just society, they it's hard to defend them.  That's why we support HRE4ALL - the Campaign for Human Rights Education. 

The 1998 Human Rights Act, which embeds the European Convention of Human Rights in UK law,  is under threat from the current government.  Realising Rights is strongly opposed to it being repealed or changed in any way as we believe:

  • Human Rights are universal - no individual government should be able to cherry pick human rights for their own political reasons
  • Human Rights are a protection for the individual against the an overmighty state or powerful corporations
  • Human Rights set out the conditions for human dignity to which we all must aspire
  • It is impossible just to dismantle one set of Human Rights when the UK is party to a wide range of other Human Rights treaties
  • The repeal of the Human Rights Act by the UK will send out a poor message to other countries where Human Rights are already threatened or abused.


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