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Human Rights Education for All



 RealisingRights is teaming up with some NGOs and leading academics who share the aim of building an alliance that can make an irresistible case for Human Rights Education (HRE) to be implemented as an entitlement for all.

Initially, since each jurisdiction of the UK has its own Education Department we shall focus our efforts on bringing about HRE for all young people in schools and other educational England. We are, however, open to forming wider alliances across the UK and beyond to further the central aim of HRE4ALL.

We welcome into the alliance any individual or organisation that shares our aim and principles as set out in the vision document below.

Groups and Individuals supporting HRE4ALL include:

  • Realising Rights

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What is Human Rights Education?

The UN explains that Human Rights Education should be based on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and relevant treaties and instruments, with a view to:

a)  Raising awareness, understanding and acceptance of universal human rights standards and principles, as well as guarantees at the international,regional and national levels for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms

b) Developing a universal culture of human rights, in which everyone is aware of their own rights and responsibilities in respect of the rights of others, and promoting the development of the individual as a responsible member of a free, peaceful, pluralist and inclusive society;

c)  Pursuing the effective realization of all human rights and promoting tolerance, non-discrimination and equality;

d)  Ensuring equal opportunities for all through access to quality humanrights education and training, without any discrimination;

e) Contributing to the prevention of human rights violations and abuses and to the combating and eradication of all forms of discrimination,racism, stereotyping and incitement to hatred, and the harmful attitudesand prejudices that underlie them.

Making the Case

Find out about why we think Human Rights Education is important by clicking here and reading 'The case for a Human Rights Education campaign'. An article that was published in the Journal of the Association for Citizenship Teaching in Autumn 2017

• List of HRE4ALL supporters