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Human Rights Basics

There's lots of ways to start learning about what Human Rights really are - and that's the key phrase, what Human Rights really are, because if there's one thing we know, there's more opportunity out there to learn what they are not than what they are.  Misinformation is rife - a quick read through the UK's tabloid press would give the impression that Human Rights are only there to protect foreign criminals from extradtion from the UK and that those who support Human Rights are only 'Left wing Luvvies' (Daily Mail 25 June 2015).  To learn about Human Rights, you can click on the links below to find out more:

HRLogo  Human Rights Basics - Videos  

HRLogo  Human Rights Basics - Declarations and Conventions 

These downloads will give you a quick introduction to our thinking and about who we are and what we do                                                                                                                                                                                                          

RRLogo Square Human Rights as Global Values 
 RRLogo Square  Human Rights Education and Human Rights Based Approaches
 RRLogo Square  Human Rights for Global Learning 
 RRLogo Square  Courses and Training from Realising Rights

We are building up the resources and links on these pages to include our our publications and also links to Human Rights and Values sites that will support your journey.   What we won't do is give you only one view of a particular issue, because in many cases, there are many different interpretations.