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British Values 

British Values have to be promoted by every school in England. These values are:

  • Democracy,
  • The rule of law,
  • Individual liberty 
  • The mutual respect and tolerance of each other’s faiths


This means:

  • Delivering SMSC development and the promotion of British Values is now part of the core purpose of schools alongside academic achievement and will be part of any Ofsted Inspection.
  • Promoting British values as part of the whole school climate and ethos, the classroom practice and pedagogy and the formal and the informal curriculum
  • Schools must develop their provision for promoting fundamental British values by taking account of their particular context as well as a wider understanding of life in modern Britain.
  • British Values are integral to the professional behaviours expected of teachers.


The school has a duty to safeguard all pupils from radicalisation and extremism and give ‘due regard’ to the Prevent duty. Promoting British Values is a component of this.