Human Rights Weblinks

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Some useful web links about Human Rights

 About Human Rights:

Human Rights Education Association:  a short video providing an introduction to Human Rights Education:

 A short history of the evolution of Human Rights from Medieval times:

 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR):

 The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)

 UN Business Compact:

For futher consideration of the UN Business Compact, this is a panel discussion of book about its development led by John Ruggie for UN:

 Human Rights Glossary:


The Rights Respecting Use of the Internet Schools Project

(Click on each link to download)

Introduction: About this Pack

The Project Leaders Pack

Appendix 1: The Introductory Script

Appendix 2: Internet Safety Activity Cards (You will need to download each of these sets of cards):  

Set 1 Set  2  Set 3   Set 4   Set 5

Appendix 3: A Guide to writing a School Charter for the Rights Respecting use of the Internet

Appendix 4: Example of a School Charter for the Rights Respecting use of the Internet

Appendix 5: A Rights Respecting Learning Walk

 EU Kids online

 Evaluating impact of Human Rights based interventions in Healthcare (2012).

Alice Donald London Metropolitan University and references.


Human Rights in a Health Care Setting: Making it Work for Everyone (2012)

Scottish Human Rights Commission


United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime