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Training - Making a Start

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RealisingRights offer offers professional development and training around the following areas: 

  • all sectors of education,
  • communities,
  • Third Sector organisations 
  • all tiers of Local Government

Organisational ValuesAll organisations have values, but while many take them for granted, there are many who understand that where these values are clear to everyone who works in there, they make a difference.  The commercial world of the 21st Century is becoming one where consumers are increasing aware of the the ethics and values of companies but that these are influencing the decisions consumers make.  Consumers not only want to know that companies will treat them fairly and respectfully.

Better Well-being Everyone wants better well-being and there's lots of good practical ideas out there about achieveing this.  Unfortunately, what delivers better well-being for most people in the first place is not, for example, a programme of exercise or investigating how to get a better work-life balance, but the mindset to do this.  Better well-being happens because there is a long-term programme shared by everyone in a particular organisation where cynicism is minimal, mutual respect is high and there is a culture that promotes well-being reflected in the attitudes, behaviours and values of the organisation.  

RealisingRights are experienced trainers and facilitators, who will design a bespoke package, which can include training, consultancy or advice, to meet your organisations priorities and needs . Please contact us to discuss how we can help.