Welcome to Realising Rights

 Realising Rights aims to make Human Rights real for everyone.  

To do this we recognise we have to:

  • Campaign for Human Rights Education for all so that everyone knows what their Human Rights are and why they are important for everyone.
  • Offer Training about what Human Rights are and to show how using values, based upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, can make a positive difference to the lives of adults and children.  Schools, colleges, businesses, voluntary groups and charities work better when their members are not only united by the common values that underpin what they do, but do so when those values underpin how they do that work. As management guru Peter Drucker once said "Culture eats strategy for breakfast."


Realising Rights supports HRE4ALL, the Campaign for Human Rights Education for All. This is a coalition of organisations committed to promoting Human Rights in all aspects of life.  In 2010, the United Nations agreed that everyone had a right to learn what their Human Rights are.  Too many governments aren't prepared to do that  - including our own.  Human Rights in the UK are under threat as never before, but at the same time they underpin our lives and our liberties as they have never done before.  If you don't know what Human Rights are - how can you defend them?